GSRTC All Bus Depot Number

List of landline phone numbers of all ST bus stands across Gujarat, share as much as possible

Vatsalya News. In the useful information section of the com, the information of the landline phone numbers of all the ST bus stands across Gujarat has been placed here. Readers are requested to share this information on their WhatsApp account so that it can be useful to others as well.In Gujarat, CM Rupani has started running buses in the state from today as per the guideline of Lockdown 4 in the state. ST bus service in the state is divided into four zones. And rules for travel in ST buses have also been announced.

ST bus has started in Gujarat from today. ST department buses will run from 7 am to 6 pm as per the guideline. A total of 7033 bus trips will be run in Gujarat. Buses will run from taluka to district. Only 60% of the passengers will be able to sit in the bus. Only those wearing masks will be allowed to enter the depot. Many such rules have been made. A bus from one zone will not enter another zone.

ST bus service will be started in the state from Wednesday by ST Corporation. The ST bus service is divided into four zones. ST service will be started in four zones namely Saurashtra Zone, South Gujarat Zone, North Gujarat Zone and Central Gujarat Zone. In the first phase, S.T. The bus will only run in that zone.

In North Gujarat Zone

– Radhanpur to Himmatnagar, Tharad to Himmatnagar, Modasa to Patan and Becharji to Khedbrahma ST department buses will be run.

Which bus will start in the middle zone

ST buses will run from Godhra to Vadodara, Chhota Udepur to Zhalod, Khambhat to Dahod, Kheda to Dahod and Anand to Dahod.

Which route in South Gujarat

From Ahwa to Bharuch, from Vapi to Ankleshwar, from Rajpipal to Dharampur, from Songadh to Surat and from Surat to Valsad ST section buses will be run.

Which route in Saurashtra zone

Bhuj to Rajkot, Bhavnagar to Rajkot, Amreli to Veraval, Jamnagar to Rajkot, Dwarka to Rajkot, Amreli to Botad and Surendranagar to Junagadh ST section buses will be operated.

Ahmedabad Division:
Sr.No.DivisionBus Stand / Control PointEnquiry Number
1AhmedabadAhmedabd Central Bus Station079 – 25463409
2AhmedabadAhmedabd Central Bus Station079 – 25463382
3AhmedabadAhmedabd Central Bus Station079 – 25463396
4AhmedabadBapunagar Control Point079 – 22703883
5AhmedabadPaldi Bus Station079 – 26589279
6AhmedabadNehrunagar Control Point079 – 296031009998953057
7AhmedabadRanip Bus Stand079 – 27526877
8AhmedabadChandola Bus Stand079 – 25460194
9AhmedabadKrishnanagar Bus Stand079 – 29293353
10AhmedabadBareja Bus Station02718 – 282221
11AhmedabadSanand Bus Station02717 – 222049
12AhmedabadViramgam Bus Station02715 – 233233
13AhmedabadDholka Bus Station02714 – 221707
14AhmedabadDhandhuka Bus Station02713 – 223045
15AhmedabadBavla Bus Station02714 – 232827
16AhmedabadDahegam Bus Sation02716 – 232337
17AhmedabadGandhinagar Bus Station079 – 232228426359918292
18AhmedabadGandhinagar City Service
079 – 232228426359918293
Amreli Division:
Sr.No.DivisionBus Stand / Control PointEnquiry Number
1AmreliAmreli Bus Station02792 – 222158
2AmreliBabra Control Point02791 – 233523
3AmreliLathi Control Point02793 – 251050
4AmreliChalala Control Point02797 – 251560
5AmreliDamnagar Control Point02793 – 222225
6AmreliSavarkundla Control Point02845 – 222626
7AmreliKhambha Control Point02797 – 260026
8AmreliBagsara Bus Station02796 – 222061
9AmreliVadiya Control Point02796 – 273273
10AmreliDhari Bus Station02797 – 225040
11AmreliUna Bus Station02875 – 221600
12AmreliGirgadhada Control Point02875 – 243220
13AmreliRajula Bus Station02794 – 222070
14AmreliJafrabad Control Point02794 – 245100
15AmreliKodinar Bus Station02795 – 221398
Baroda Division:
Sr.No.DivisionBus Stand / Control PointEnquiry Number
1BarodaBaroda Central Bus Station0265 – 27939000265 – 27938877490036856
2BarodaNizampura Control Point0265 – 2760060
3BarodaPanigate Stand0265 – 2560367
4BarodaBhutdizampa Control Point7490036895
5BarodaMakarpura Control Point0265 – 2643444
6BarodaKirti Stambh Control Point
7BarodaBodeli Bus Station02665 – 220800
8BarodaSankheda Control Point02665 – 243483
9BarodaChhotaudepur Bus Station02669 – 232054
10BarodaDabhoi Bus Station02662 – 256343
11BarodaNaswadi – Control Point
12BarodaKarjan Bus Station02666 – 232064
13BarodaPadra Bus Station02662 – 222313
14BarodaWaghodiya Bus Station02668 – 262579
Bhavnagar Division:
Sr.No.DivisionBus Stand / Control PointEnquiry Number
1BhavnagarBhavnagar Bus Station0278 2424147
2BhavnagarShihor Control Point02846 222174
3BhavnagarVallabhipur Control Point02841 222465
4BhavnagarUmrala Control Point02843 235135
5BhavnagarBarwala Bus Station02711 237450
6BhavnagarBotad Bus Station02849 251420
7BhavnagarGadhda Bus Station02847 253556
8BhavnagarDhasa Control Point02847 233044
9BhavnagarGariyadhar Bus Station02843 250055
10BhavnagarMahuva Bus Station02844 222217
11BhavnagarTalaja Bus Station02842 222054
12BhavnagarPalitana Bus Station02848 252168
13BhavnagarPalitana Taleti Control Point02848 252110
Bharuch Division:
Sr.No.DivisionBus Stand / Control PointEnquiry Number
1BharuchBharuch Bus Station02642 248609
2BharuchGNFC Control Point02642 232329
3BharuchVagra Control Point02641 225113
4BharuchJambusar Bus Station02644 220138
5BharuchZaghdiya Bus Station02645 220031
6BharuchAnkleshwar Bus Station02646 247030
7BharuchGIDC Control Point02646 223190
8BharuchHansot Control Point02646 262052
9BharuchValiya Control Point02643 270660
10BharuchRajpipla Bus Station02640 220037
11BharuchKevadiya Control Point02640 232201
12BharuchDediyapada Control Point02649 235201
Bhuj Division:
Sr.No.DivisionBus Stand / Control PointEnquiry Number
1BhujBhuj Bus Station02832 220002
2BhujMandvi Bus Station02834 223004
3BhujMundra Bus Station02838 224200
4BhujAnjar Bus Station02836 242692
5BhujBhachu Bus Station02837 224049
6BhujRapar Bus Station02830 220002
7BhujNaliya Bus Station02831 222119
8BhujNakhtrana Bus Station02835 222129
9BhujGandhidham Control Point02836 220198
10BhujAadipur Control Point02836 260092
11BhujKera Control Point
12BhujNarayan Sarovar Control Point
Godhra Division:
Sr.No.DivisionBus Stand / Control PointEnquiry Number
1GodhraGodhra Bus Station02672 241923
2GodhraVejalpur Control Point02676 234300
3GodhraHalol Bus Station02676 220422
4GodhraKalol Control Point02676 237300
5GodhraPavagadh Control Point02676 245646
6GodhraShivrajpur Control POint02676 243955
7GodhraBariya Bus Station02678 220371
8GodhraDahod Bus Station02673 220043
9GodhraZalod Bus Station02679 225152
10GodhraLimbdi Control Point02679 236260
11GodhraFatehpura Control Point02675 233024
12GodhraSantrampur Bus Station02675 220005
13GodhraLunawada Bus Station02674 250001
14GodhraShahera Control Point02670 226360
Himmatnagar Division:
Sr.No.DivisionBus Stand / Control PointEnquiry Number
1HimmatnagarHimmatnagar Bus Station02772 241233
2HimmatnagarMotipura Control Point02772 228232
3HimmatnagarModasa Bus Station02774 246239
4HimmatnagarMalpur Control Point02773 223094
5HimmatnagarMeghraj Control Point02773 244481
6HimmatnagarIder Bus Station02778 250091
7HimmatnagarVijapur Bus Station02763 220014
8HimmatnagarLadol Control Point02763 236014
9HimmatnagarVasai Control Point02763 245334
10HimmatnagarMansa Bus Station02763 270016
11HimmatnagarCharada Control Point02763 287333
12HimmatnagarGozaria Control Point02763 263016
13HimmatnagarBayad Bus Station02779 222041
14HimmatnagarDhansura Control Point02774 222044
15HimmatnagarKhedbrahmha Bus Station02775 220074
16HimmatnagarBhiloda Bus Station02771 232022
17HimmatnagarShamlaji Control Point02771 240123
18HimmatnagarVijaynagar Control Point9408748830
19HimmatnagarPrantij Bus Station02770 230519
20HimmatnagarTalod Control Point02770 220687
Jamnagar Division:
0288 2550275
Sr.No.DivisionBus Stand / Control PointEnquiry Number
1JamnagarJamnagar Bus Station0288 2550270
2JamnagarKhambhliya Bus Station02833 234772
3JamnagarDwarka Bus Station02892 234204
4JamnagarDhrol Bus Station02897 222030
5JamnagarJamjodhpur Bus Station02898 220098
6JamnagarKalawad Control Point02894 222093
7JamnagarLalpur Control Point02895 273545
8JamnagarViktoriya Control Point0288 2550275
9JamnagarBhanvad Control Point02896 232401
10JamnagarOkha Control Point02892 262104
Junagadh Division:
Sr.No.DivisionBus Stand / Control PointEnquiry Number
1JunagadhJunagadh Bus Station0285 2630303
2JunagadhVisavadar Control Point02873 222081
3JunagadhMendarda Control Point02872 241330
4JunagadhBilkha Control Point0285 2683002
5JunagadhPorbandar Bus Station0286 2240959
6JunagadhKutiyana Control Point02804 261333
7JunagadhRanavav Control Point02801 230714
8JunagadhVeraval Bus Station02876 221666
9JunagadhSomnath Control Point02876 231886
10JunagadhTalala Control Point02877 222353
11JunagadhUpleta Bus Station02826 221449
12JunagadhBhayavadar Control Point02826 274480
13JunagadhKeshod Bus Station02871 236016
14JunagadhMaliya Hatina Control Point02870 222238
15JunagadhVanthli Control Point02872 222084
16JunagadhDhoraji Bus Station02824 221845
17JunagadhJamkandorna Control Point02824 271478
18JunagadhMangrol Bus Station02878 222093
19JunagadhChorvad Control Point02870 288008
20JunagadhMadhavpur Control Point02878 272446
21JunagadhBantva Bus Station02874 241444
22JunagadhManavadar Control Point02874 221555
23JunagadhJetpur Bus Station02823 2220116
24JunagadhBhensan Control Point02873 253442
Mahesana Division:
Sr.No.DivisionBus Stand / Control PointEnquiry Number
1MahesanaBhechraji Bus Station02734 286337
2MahesanaChansma Bus Station02734 222065
3MahesanaHarij Bus Stand02733 222065
4MahesanaSami Control Point02733 244044
5MahesanaKadi Bus Station02764 242716
6MahesanaKalol Bus Station02764 223113
7MahesanaKheralu Bus Station02761 231027
8MahesanaSatlasna Control Point02761 259733
9MahesanaMahesana Old Bus Station9429440736
10MahesanaMahesana Bus Port9429540736
11MahesanaPatan Bus Station02766 220512
12MahesanaRanuj Control Point02766 287070
13MahesanaUnjha Bus Station02767 253565
14MahesanaVadnagar Old Bus Station02761 223054
15MahesanaVadnagar New Bus Station02761 222054
16MahesanaVisnagar Bus Station02765 231330
Nadiad Division:
Sr.No.DivisionBus Stand / Control PointEnquiry Number
1NadiadNadiad Old Bus Station0268 25664130268 2566411
2NadiadNadiad New Bus Station0268 2568965
3NadiadAnand Old Bus Station02692 252333
4NadiadAnand New Bus Station02692 253293
5NadiadVidhyanagar Control Point02692 230999
6NadiadBorsad Bus Station02696 22102802696 220028
7NadiadVasad Control Point02692 274205
8NadiadBhadran Control Point02696 288411
9NadiadKhambhat Bus Station02698 22174602698 220242
10NadiadTarapur Control Point02698 255627
11NadiadDakor Old Bus Station02699 24427802699 244277
12NadiadDakor New Bus Station02699 245277
13NadiadUmreth Control Point02692 276068
14NadiadThasra Control Point02699 222046
15NadiadBalasinor Bus Station02690 26632602690 266026
16NadiadVirpur Control Point02690 278156
17NadiadSevaliya Control Point02699 233316
18NadiadKheda Bus Station02694 22203902694 222034
19NadiadMahemdavad Control Point02694 244137
20NadiadKapadvanj Bus Station02691 25209102691 252816
21NadiadMahudha Bus Station0268 25726630268 2572526
22NadiadKathlal Control Point02691 243476
23NadiadMatar Bus Station02694 28560802694 285536
24NadiadPetlad Bus Station02697 22457102697 224371
25NadiadDharmaj Control Point02697 244245
26NadiadSojitra Control Point02697 233255
Palanpur Division:
Sr.No.DivisionBus Stand / Control PointEnquiry Number
1PalanpurPalanpur Bus Station02742 252339
2PalanpurVadgam Control Point02739 261520
3PalanpurAmbaji Bus Station02749 262141
4PalanpurDanta Control Point02749 278172
5PalanpurDeesa Bus Station02742 221600
6PalanpurDhanera Control Point02748 222900
7PalanpurTharad Bus Station02737 222008
8PalanpurVav Control Point02740 227708
9PalanpurLakhni Control Point02744 256050
10PalanpurDiyodar Bus Station02735 244453
11PalanpurBhabhar Control Point
12PalanpurThara Control Point02747 222023
13PalanpurSiddhpur Bus Station02767 220056
14PalanpurRadhanpur Bus Station02746 275388
Rajkot Division:
Sr.No.DivisionBus Stand / Control PointEnquiry Number
1RajkotRajkot Shashtrimedan Bus Station02812 235026
2RajkotRajkot Bus Port6359918738
3RajkotPaddhari Control Point02820 233330
4RajkotGondal Bus Station02825 220296
5RajkotVirpur Control Point02823 281539
6RajkotMorbi Old Bus Station02822 230701
7RajkotMorbi New Bus Station02822 230702
8RajkotJasdan Bus Station02821 220220
9RajkotAatkot Control Point02821 288722
10RajkotWankaner Bus Station02828 220558
11RajkotDhrangadhra Bus Station02754 226954
12RajkotHalvad Control Point02758 261455
13RajkotLimbdi Bus Station02753 260083
14RajkotSayla Control Point02755 220624
15RajkotSurendranagar Bus Station02752 221152
16RajkotChotila Bus Station02751 280313
17RajkotChotila Highway Control Point02751 280013
Surat Division:
Sr.No.DivisionBus Stand / Control PointEnquiry Number
1SuratSurat Central Bus station0261 242206
2SuratUdhna Control Point0261 2273621
3SuratPalsana Control Point
4SuratKamrej Control Point02621 254880
5SuratKadodara Control Point
6SuratSurat City Bus Station
7SuratBardoli Bus Station02622 220188
8SuratBardoli Liniyar Bus Station02622 223733
9SuratMahuva Control Point02625 255740
10SuratValod Control Point02625 222056
11SuratMandvi Bus Station02623 221060
12SuratUmarpada Control Point
13SuratMadhi Control Point02622 242079
14SuratKadod Control Point02622 246128
15SuratOlpad Bus Station02621 222034
16SuratAdajan Control Point0261 2268499
17SuratKathor Control Point02621 256234
18SuratSongadh Bus Station02624 222057
19SuratVyara Control Point02626 220092
20SuratNizar Control Point
21SuratUchchhal Control Point
22SuratKukarmund Control Point
Valsad Division:
Sr.No.DivisionBus Stand / Control PointEnquiry Number
1ValsadAhwa Bus Station02631 220030
2ValsadVaghai Control Point02631 246425
3ValsadSaputara Conrtol Point02631 237279
4ValsadBilimora Bus Station02634 284414
5ValsadChikhli Control Point02634 232388
6ValsadGandevi Control Point02634 262325
7ValsadVansada Control Point02630 222413
8ValsadDharampur Bus Station02633 242023
9ValsadKaprada Control Point02633 220023
10ValsadValsad Bus Station02632 244161
11ValsadPardi Control Point0260 2373070
12ValsadVapi Bus Station0260 2465731
13ValsadNargol Control Point0260 2597223
14ValsadUmargam Control Point0260 2562227
15ValsadSelvas Control Point0260 2642830
16ValsadNavsari Bus Station

In addition, passengers will have to buy an online ticket for the bus. Tickets will not be available from the ticket window at the bus station. In addition, the payment for the ticket will also have to be made through digital payment. S.T. There will be no conductor inside the bus or tickets will not be available from inside the bus. Apart from this thermal screening will be done at the bus stand. Only masked passengers will be allowed to board the bus. The bus will accommodate 60 per cent capacity, meaning 30 passengers will be able to travel in the big bus and 18 in the mini bus. The tourist from the bus cannot kill the syringe of the leaf.

Due to night curfew from 7 pm, the bus service will continue from 7 am to 6 pm. Any bus can reach the city by 6 pm and then the tourist has one hour to reach his home or elsewhere. ST buses will not run from 7 pm to 7 am.

S.T. Important guide for travelers through

– Bus passengers must arrive at the bus stand at least 30 minutes before the bus departs.
– Only 60 per cent passengers of the bus’s KPCT will be admitted.
– Only masked passengers will be admitted.
– The temperature of the passengers will be checked at the time of entry in the bus stand.
– Passengers must comply with social decentralization while boarding and alighting the bus
– Desirable for passengers to travel via e-ticket / mobile ticket.
– Tickets can be obtained from the counter at the bus stand as well as from the conductor
– All bus services from Gandhinagar city to Ahmedabad including Secretariat will be closed

Notice issued by the State Department of Home Affairs

– Bus passengers must arrive at the bus stand at least 30 minutes before the bus departs.
– Only 60 per cent passengers of the bus’s KPCT will be admitted.
– Only masked passengers will be admitted.
– The temperature of the passengers will be checked at the time of entering the bus stand.
– Passengers must comply with social decentralization while boarding and alighting the bus
– Desirable for passengers to travel via e-ticket / mobile ticket.
– Tickets can be obtained from the counter at the bus stand as well as from the conductor
– All bus services from Gandhinagar city to Ahmedabad including Secretariat will be closed
– Notice issued regarding the concession given in Lockdown 4
– As per the announcement, no pass / approval will be required for inter-district movement
– Pass / approval for inter-state and state border movement will have to be obtained as per previous instructions.
– Inter-district checkposts should be kept in operation for inter-district movement. A Medical Team should be deployed by the District Health Officer for health check-up at the checkpost. Will be hospitalized on a regular basis and will not be allowed to travel further

02637 258976

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